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What Is The Treatment For Elevated Creatinine After Dialysis

2015-01-06 02:29


My father has been on dialysis but his creatinine level is still high. After dialysis, he slept a lot. Response on talking becomes slow from brain and activity become poor from body language. Also he is not walking properly. Is there any treatment to recover his conditions?


What Is The Treatment For High Creatinine After DialysisThe reason of high creatinine level is insufficient dialysis. Dialysis can not improve his renal function and it is only the replacement therapy. It is normal that he urinates less after dialysis because his renal function will decrease continuously.

Now in western medicines, there are only dialysis and transplant for his disease. But as for his condition and difficulty in finding donor, we not recommend dialysis and transplant.

We will treat his disease like this: The theory of our treatment is to clear the toxins in our blood. As we can see that there are many toxins and inflammatory factors in her blood that causes further damage to the kidney. We should not only depend on dialysis.

To further clean the toxins and immune complexes depositing in blood vessels and kidneys, we use Chinese herbal medicine. The active materials in Chinese medicines can combine with the immune complexes, split them and discharge them out of body. Besides, Chinese medicine can dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation and increase the blood flow in the kidney. In this condition, immune complexes and extracellular matrix causing renal fibrosis can be removed out of the body.

Then we will regulate the innate immune system and supplement blood and qi so as to reactivate the self-renewal of the damaged kidney cells and enhance renal function.

We kidney function is enhanced, dialysis frequency can be reduced or dialysis can even be avoided. Thus, creatinine will be lowered naturally and radically. The therapy in our hospital is called “4+7” therapies. If you want to learn the detailed information, you can leave a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor directly.

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