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Can I Get Rid Of Urine Protein Problems And Control Sugar Level

2015-01-01 07:47


I have diabetes for about 8 years and I have experience urine protein problem. I take oral hypoglycemic drugs, but there is no improvement of urine protein. Could you tell me why and give me some effective treatment for my condition?


 Can I Get Rid Of Urine Protein Problems And Control Sugar LevelAs you have diabetes for about 8 years. It is the main reason of protein in urine. As you know, diabetes is a kind of systemic disease, so all body organs can be affected by high blood sugar levels.

The pathology of diabetes is inadequate secretion of insulin due to the damage to islet cells. It will also immune disorder. The abnormal immune response will cause damage to islet cells. In this case, massive immune complex can be produced and deposit in the kidneys, causing further impairment to filtration membrane and other functional cells, so kidneys will be damaged. Then you will have protein in urine.

Therefore, the treatment for protein in urine should not only focus on your protein in urine, but the whole internal system.

For your case, we have the following steps to help you.

First, we should protect your remained islet cells by traditional Chinese medicines, which have the function of expanding blood vessels and providing enough blood and oxygen to pancreas, and repair damaged islet cells. In this way, islet function can be enhanced.

Second, your damaged islet cells are caused by the anti-bodies in your body. To avoid further attack of your pancreas, we should remove anti-bodies by plasma therapies.

Third, diabetes is caused by the disorder of your immune system. To adjust immune system, you may have a try of immunotherapy, which can not only regulate immune system but also repair damaged kidney cells as well as improve kidney function gradually.

According to our experience, blood sugar level can be well controlled after this systematic treatment. And diabetes can be treated from the root. If the therapeutic effect is obvious, you will get rid of diabetes.

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