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Protein in Urine +++, Diabetes 15 Years, Hypertension 20 Years

2014-12-05 06:49


My age is 54 years. My problem level in urine is +3. I am diabetic for 15 years and hypertension patient for 20 years. Please help me analysize my illness and then give me some suggestions.



Hi, thanks for trusting us and leaving us message kidneycares@hotmail.com. As for your illness, I’d like to analyze it from the following several aspects:

1. Your glomeruli have been severely damaged

Protein in urine +++ means there are massive protein in urine (usually 2.0-4.0g/L). Normally, blood flow into glomeruli which only allow a small number of protein with low molecular weight pass through, but finally most of them are reabsorbed back to the body by renal tubules. Therefore, in normal condition, protein lost in urine in 24 hours is less than 150mg which can not be detected with routine urine test. That is the reason, why test report shows “-” in normal cases. Protein in urine +++ means massive protein can pass through kidney, which signifies glomeruli are severely damaged.

Under such a condition, you need to regulate protein intake and meanwhile try to eat high quality protein which can be found in egg white, lean meat, fish and milk. Additional, diet changes help to control proteinuria, but if we want to reduce protein in urine permanently, repairing injured glomeruli is critial.

2. Controlling your blood pressure and blood sugar in normal range

Diabetes and hypertension are the leading two causes of kidney disease in the world. Persistent high blood pressure or high blood sugar damages kidney and impairs kidney function, so you need to control them in normal range, so as to protect residual kidney function.

3. Find out the real cause of your kidney damages

Besides, since both Diabetes and Hypertension can cause kidney problem, you need to find out the real cause of your kidney damages, which plays an important role for the management, because only we do on the basis, can we solve problem fundamentally.

4. Repair kidney damages

In many cases, kidney disease is treated by controlling its symptoms like proteinuria, fluid retention and electrolyte disturbance. This is helpful, but can not reverse kidney damages. Therefore, if you want to avoid dialysis, repairing kidney damages to increase kidney function is the key point. Also, only do like this, can protein in urine +++ be cured permanently.

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