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Using Ketosteril, CKD and GFR 35: What More Treatment I Need to Take

2014-12-02 17:04


I am a CKD patient with GFR over 35 and using Ketosteril as suggested by my Nephrologist. What more treatment I need to take?


Using Ketosteril, CKD and GFR 35: What More Treatment I Need to TakeGFR is an indicator of kidney function. When GFR is over 35, it means your CKD is in stage 4. Without effective treatment, it will quickly develop to end stage renal failure, when you have to do dialysis or kidney transplant to maintain your life.

Ketosteril for kidney patients

You said you are using Ketosteril. Ketosteril is the common used drug to treat kidney failure. Because the damaged kidneys are unable to remove waste products and toxins from the blood, they build up in your body and then cause many other symptoms. In order to reduce the workload of kidneys and control proteinuria, patients are required to follow a low protein diet. But as we all know, our body needs protein to maintain the normal function. A low protein diet may make you malnutrition. Ketosteril can supplement the essential amino acids and reduce the production of urea. It can also help you protect the remaining kidney function and slow down the progression. But that is not enough. You should repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function.

Treatment to repair the damaged kidneys

The reason why kidneys are damaged is that there are many immune complexes in the kidneys. They cause kidney inflammation and over time kidney function impairment. TCM treatment such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang and decoction can combine with immune complexes, split them and remove them from the kidneys. They can also draw out toxins from your body to detoxify the blood so as to prevent further damage. Moreover, they can expand blood vessels, speed up blood circulation and remove stasis to set up a good blood environment for kidney recovery. After a period of treatment, there will an improvement in GFR.

If you are interested in our treatment, please send your medical test report to kidneycares@hotmail.com. Our doctors can help you make a personalized treatment plan.

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