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Shrinking Kidney, Kidney Function Worsening, High Blood Pressure

2012-10-15 17:13


My wife has severe kidney disease showing shrinking in size (now 6cm). Functions are also getting worse. She is 64 years old. He has very high blood pressure, plus angina. What can be done?


Normal size of a kidney is 8.1-11cm in length, 4-5cm in thickness and 5.5-7cm in width. As people grow older, the normal size of kidneys can get shrunk. Long-term of kidney disease decrease the functioning number of renal cells and diminish the size of the kidneys. So the size of the kidneys, as composed to age, height, and weight will be evaluated by nephrologists to judge the extent of damage on their kidneys. You mentioned the kidney size 6cm of your wife, but has she started dialysis or not? If so, how long has she been on dialysis? What's her total urine volume in 24 hours? And her current renal function now? Kidney size is an indicator for her current condition, but that is not enough to confirm her present conditions.

High blood pressure is an important cause of kidney disease and shrinking kidneys. Hypertension causes high filtration in the glomeruli. The glomeruli will regulate itself and shrink the afferent arteriole, thus causing lack of blood and oxygen supply in the kidneys. The tubules and interstitium will first be damaged and patients will have frequent night urine. If this state cannot be changed, there will be glomerular sclerosis and renal fibrosis.

As long as she still has urine, there is hope of recovering the kidney function. By expanding the blood vessels, improving blood circulation and increasing blood flow in the kidneys, the self renewal of the damaged cells will be reactivated, thus recovering the kidney function. I hope you can send her latest test reports. I will analyze it and give you specific advice.

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