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FSGS, GFR24, Stage 4 Kidney Disease, can I Donate him a Kidney

2012-10-15 16:48


My brother has FSGS. His GFR is 24 now which is stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease. Doctor said if this goes on he may need kidney transplant…. if there is no other choice then I will donate him a kidney… is it better if a kidney is from a family member? Please tell me if there is something we can do now to get his condition improved..


As you have mentioned, yes, it is stage 4 CKD now. His kidney function is not so bad now, however, it is also rather concerning because if this disease is not treated properly, the renal condition can develop fast. Chronic kidney disease, just as we can understand, is a slow progressive disease. People find it can be controlled, but impossible to be reversed and further deterioration is not blocked completely.

Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis should raise people’s concern. To treat it effectively we should firstly know its pathogenesis. It is an autoimmune disease which is medicated by immune cells. Immunosuppressant prescribed will suppress abnormal immune reaction on the kidneys. The medicines help people to remit symptoms. But the medicines also reduce immunity and the disease gets relapsed easily.

When in ESRD, kidney transplantation means to replace a new kidney to the patient. However, as is surveyed, recurrence rate of FSGS after the surgery is high, which is associated to that the immune disorder is not corrected and the immunosuppressant to reduce rejection further damages the kidney. As for the treatment of FSGS, correcting immune disorder, regulating the immune system, ridding the immune complexes and improving damaged renal cells are essential ways to stop progression of further renal damage and improve current renal condition.

As for your brother’ s current condition, what symptoms/discomforting he is experiencing and can the disease be controlled well? You may send us the medical reports, and then I will explain more details.

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