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What To Do With Creatinine Jumping To 7.4

2014-11-19 06:35


In May To September, my creatinine is 3.5 but last 20 days, my creatinine jump to 7.4. What can I do please help me.


What To Do With Creatinine Jumping To 7.4When creatinine level is approaching to 8, your doctor will tell you to be ready for dialysis. Yes, dialysis can reduce high creatinine level fastly. Dialysis is so effective for emergency aid. Adjust the electrolytes etc. But dialysis can not reduce the creatinine level from the root.

Dialysis is a kidney machine and replace the kidney to do its work. Dialysis can expel some micromolecule from the body, but some macromolecular substances just like D2 Polymers, HYC cannot be expelled. This macromolecular substances will cause more damage. Also more and more macromolecular will build up in the body. Patients cannot get rid of dialysis if they had undergone dialysis for a long time. At last transplant is the last option.

In west countries, dialysis is usually given in early time, when the creatinine increases to 300-650umol/L, doctor would suggest patients to make fistula and prepare for hemodialysis. Actually, this is a give-up action to our own kidneys. Too early hemodialysis can reduce blood flow in kidney, and many other functions from kidney can decline rapidly because of insufficient blood. As a specialized hospital, we usually provide dialysis for patients in emergency. For instance, creatinine rises to 703umol/L (GFR low 15) and patients have nausea, vomiting, high potassium, swelling and shortness of breath, etc. We can use osmotherapy and other combined Chinese medicine therapies to improve the GFR and reduce creatinine. It is better to protect the original kidneys rather than abandoning it too early. This is because the root cause of high creatinine is your damaged kidneys. If you want to lower your high creatinine level fundamentally, you should repair your damaged kidneys.

Dialysis can only reduce high creatinine level temporarily. To decrease elevated creatinine level, you should repair your damaged kidneys and improve your own kidney function. Only in this way can elevated creatinine level be lowered radically and naturally.

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