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Creatinine 2.99, Normal Kidney Size, Ketosteril

2014-11-11 02:02


My husband has creatinine level of 2.99 and getting worried, but when he had an ultrasound, his kidneys are normal and has normal size as well. He is taking ketosteril as prescribed by this doctor but the thing is the creatinine level keeps on going high. Any advice? Thanks in advance.


Hi, thanks for trusting us and leaving us message. Creatinine 2.99 is higher than normal range 0.5-1.3mg/dL, which means kidney function has been severely damaged because clinical studies show creatinine level begins to increase when about a half of kidney function is affected. As of now your husband’s creatinine level is 2.99 and also the level keeps on going high. This means his kidney condition is getting worse and worse. He needs to take treatment to bring illness under control as soon as possible.

Ketosteril is a medicine that can help to kidney disease patients control illness condition, but it can not solve problem fundamentally and permanently. More importantly, long-term consumption of this medicine will cause many terrible side effects. For your husband, if he fails to stop illness progression with current treatment, I suggest him to try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which not only protect residual kidney tissues, but also increase kidney function by repairing injured kidney tissues. More importantly, it is harmless. (You can consult our online doctor about more detailed information about this treatment method)

Besides, you said his kidneys are in normal size. I am glad to hear this, because in many cases, kidneys becomes smaller and smaller with the deterioration of kidney condition. Normal kidney is about 10-12cm in length, 5-6cm in width and 3-4cm in thickness. Generally, when kidneys become smaller than 5cm, there is no way to strengthen kidney any more. Your husband has normal kidney size, which means he has great chance to improve kidney condition.

Lastly, creatinine 2.99 is just a number that helps to reflect how well his kidneys function. Serum creatinine level keeps increasing with the decline of kidney function. High creatinine level in blood is just a result of impaired kidney condition. Ketosteril helps to deal with kidney problem, but it can not solve problem from the root. If we really want to get his creatinine level lowered down, we must help him repair injured kidney tissues and increase kidney function. In this way, not only high creatinine level can be reduced to the normal range, but also other physical discomforts can be alleviated fundamentally.

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