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Alternative Therapy For Creatinine Level 6.74 And Kidney Function 8.6%

2014-11-02 07:20


Please advise me about alternatives to dialysis and transplant. My kidneys are functioning at only 8.6% and creatinine level is 6.74. Can this be improved?


Alternative Therapy For Creatinine Level 6.74 And Kidney Function 8.6%I saw the message that you left on our website regarding to the renal failure and the alternative treatment. There are some traditional Chinese medicine treatment which can replace the dialysis and kidney transplant, such as the TCM enema, medicated bath therapy, foot bath therapy and yin yang circle therapy. At this stage, to improve the kidney function gradually is important to you. If you want to avoid dialysis or kidney transplant, the key point is to improve kidney function and to stop the constant damage in kidneys.

To reduce the high creatinine level, we should eliminate the toxins and the other immune complex. To achieve this, we use the yinyang cycle therapy, the traditional Chinese medicine osmotherapy, the medicated bath therapy and so on. By this way, we can clean your body and blood and make you have a clean inner environment. These are the alternative ways for high creatinine level other than dialysis. But only these are not complete.

At this step, you should have a clean body environment. But at this stage, your immunity is still not good. If the toxins and other virus attack your body, you are still easy to get ill. In this condition, we use the traditional Chinese medicine to improve your body environment and to improve your body immunity. The therapies like hot compress therapy, the moxibustion therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may combine together to improve your renal function. By these ways, we can tonify Qi to nourish blood for your whole body.

With this comprehensive treatment, you can get much better and get reversed. Your damaged kidneys can get repaired and your kidney function can be improved. Only in this way can you avoid dialysis.

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