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Is It A Serious Problem With Left Simple Cortical Renal Cyst

2014-11-01 06:06


Can you explain what is left simple cortical renal cyst? Is it a serious problem with 19×18mm?


Is It A Serious Problem With Left Simple Cortical Renal CystThis is doctor Kim from Nephropathy hospital in China. We had a brief conversation about your kidney cyst on our website.

Your kidney cyst is not very big,so we can treat it with conservative method.

If we can restrain the secretion of cysts and dilate the blood vessels at the same time improve the microcirculation on the cystic walls, resorb the cyst liquid and discharge the cystic fluid with blood circulation, the kidney cyst will be shrunk to a small size.

But if you miss the perfect time and renal cyst will become bigger and bigger. In this condition, cyst will press kidney tissues and damage renal function. At that time, you will have clinical symptoms, like dizziness, hematuria, foam in urine and so on. Once the cyst turns quite big, which will generate lots of cystic fluid, kidney in this case will be injected easily.

For western medicine doctor, what they do is just to wait a small cyst becoming big, then using operation to remove the cyst, but after taking operation, cyst will come back and it is easy to damage kidney, besides which will have much chance to cause postoperative infection.

However, for Chinese medicine doctor, we mainly use Chinese herbs to treat kidney cyst. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is on the basis of Chinese herbs and it is different from them. The active ingredients in Osmotherapy can shrink kidney cyst and improve renal function. As long as renal cysts are shrunk, it will reduce the oppress on kidney and surrounding kidney tissues. In this way, its complications like hematuria, dizziness, foam in urine and infection will be alleviated.

If you seize the perfect therapeutic time to treat your left renal cortical cyst, it is not dangerous and you have a large chance to get recovered.

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