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Is It Normal to Have Bubbles in Urine with CKD Stage 5

2014-10-25 14:48


My mother is at stage 5 of the CKD. She said that her urine has bubbles in it. is that normal?


Is It Normal to Have Bubbles in Urine with CKD Stage 5Yes, it is normal for CKD stage 5 patients to have bubbless in urine. The bubbles are usually very small and stay in urine for a very long time. They even can not be removed away while flushing toilet.

What does bubbly urine mean for CKD patients?

Bubbly urine mean proteinuria for CKD patients. CKD is the abbreviation of chronic kidney disease which is divided into 5 stages according to GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) in medicine. Kidneys take charge of filter blood. During this process, substances like creatinine are removed out of the body through urine, and substances like protein are preserved in the body. However, for CKD patients, their kidney tissues are damaged severely and they can not work as well as they did before. Under such a condition, when blood flow through kidney, protein leak into urine.

Bubbly urine is the clinical manifestation of kidney damage and usually, the more serious the kidney damages, the more bubbles there are in urine. CKD stage 5 is the last stage of kidney problem in which kidneys have been damaged severely. In such a case, large amounts of protein leak into urine, so there are lots of bubbles in your mother’s urine.

How to reduce bubbles in urine with CKD stage 5?

Bubbly urine is the clinical manifestation of CKD, so the best method to reduce bubbles in urine is to reduce protein in urine.

Since protein leak into urine due to kidney damages, so repairing injured kidney tissues is very necessary. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a herbal treatment that can help your mother repair kidney damages and improve kidney function. When kidney function is iimproved, not only bubbles in urine can be reduced, but also other discomforts can be alleviated fundamentally. In addition, this herbal treatment is harmless, and not matter during treatment process or after treatment, no side effects are caused. Therefore, please feel relieved about usage.

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