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What Are Tips To Deal With Itchy Skin

2014-10-07 01:34


My hubby is on peritoneal dialysis and his skin is really in a bad state. I am looking for tips to deal with itchy skin for my hubby. Thank you and kind regards.


What Are Tips To Deal With Itchy SkinItchy skin is the common symptom of kidney failure, and it means the toxin in the body is too high, through skin breathing, some toxins depositing on the skin surface, so patients often feel itchy. In this case, to deal with itchy skin, you should remove toxins from the body. Well then, how to remove toxins from the body?

Why toxins are high in kidney disease patients?

We know one of the most important functions of kidney is to drain wastes and toxins from the body. However, once kidneys are damaged or injured, they fail to remove toxins and wastes out timely and properly. In this condition, wastes and toxins will accumulate in your body, causing itchy skin. Thus, if you want to look for tips to deal with skin itch for your hubby, you should look for ways to repair injured kidneys and improve renal function.

How to remove toxins from the body through improving kidney function?

To enhance renal function, we offer Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is on the basis of Chinese herbs but it is also different from traditional Chinese herbs. It is an external application and patients just need to lie on the bed to accept this therapy. It is like a massage and patients feel very comfortable. The effective ingredients in this therapy are first micronized so that the efficacy can come to the kidney lesion directly with the help of penetrant and osmosis device. The herbs have functions of dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix as well as providing nutrients for damaged kidneys. With these benefits, gradually impaired kidneys can be repaired to some extent. More importantly, kidney function can be enhanced. When renal function is improved, toxins will be removed from the body. Thus, itchy skin can be alleviated effectively.

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