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What Measures Can Be Taken to Reduce Creatinine 5.8 for Diabetics

2014-09-24 03:45


Sir, my uncle had a recent medical check up. And it was noted his creatinine level is 5.8mg/dl. He is diabetic. What measures can be taken to reduce it?


What Measures Can Be Taken to Reduce Creatinine 5.8 for DiabeticsCreatinine 5.8 is beyond the normal range, which indicates that the diabetes has damaged kidneys and impairs kidney function. The following treatment options may help you control creatinine level to certain extent.


Diabetics are usually recommended to do dialysis when their creatinine level is higher than 5. Dialysis can take away the waste including creatinine from blood so as to lower creatinine level. But it is only temporary and in the remaining years, you may have to live on dialysis if you can not find a suitable kidney to do transplant.

Reduce the production of creatinine

Because creatinine is mainly produced by muscle contraction, you had better avoid strenuous exercise in the daily. But doing some gentle exercise is still OK. There is a small part of creatinine from the meat you eat, so meat consumption should be limited.

Improve kidney function to increase the output of creatinine

Creatinine is excreted out of the body in the urine. To improve kidney function can increase the urine output so as to decrease creatinine level.

For diabetics, they should stabilize sugar level first and then repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. Now our systemic treatment for kidney patients has achieved a good curative effects on many patients. This systemic treatment includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, foot bath, Mai Kang and decoction. It can lower cholesterol level and sugar level to help treat diabetes. It can also draw out toxins from blood to reduce their damage to the kidneys. Besides, it can increase blood flow into the kidney to improve ischemia and anoxia. With systemic treatment, your kidney function will recover gradually and then creatinine level will come down.

If you would like to know more about our treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy treatment, please consult online doctor.

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