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Suitable Medicine for Diabetic Patients with Creatinine 5.7 and BUN 41

2014-09-21 03:52


My dad has kidney problem. His creatinine is 5.7 and blood urea nitrogen is 41 & my dad is also a diabetics since 17 years as well as blood pressure past 3 years. Please doctor help us we're in tension past 2 months, tell us suitable medicine. We don't wanna go on dialysis.


Suitable Medicine for Diabetic Patients with Creatinine 5.7 and BUN 41Dialysis is usually recommended for diabetics when their creatinine level is more than 5. Your father’s creatinine and BUN level are both very high. If he does not want to go on dialysis, he should receive other treatment as early as possible to lower creatinine and BUN level, or they may threaten their life.

In western medicine, there are only medicine to help you control the symptoms rather than improve kidney function and avoid dialysis, while in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are many external therapies and oral Chinese medicine to help you repair the damaged kidneys. But the precondition is that you should stabilize the blood sugar level first. Now let’s see some TCM therapies to help you recover kidney function.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is to infiltrate the micronized Chinese herbs into the kidneys with osmosis devices.

-Medicated Foot Bath is to put your feet into warm water cooked with herbs.

-Mai Kang is a kind of Chinese patent medicine.

-Oral Chinese medicine

The above therapies are often used together. They can dilate blood vessels to increase blood flow into the kidneys, which can improve ischemia and anoxia in the kidneys. They can also decrease inflammatory reaction and degrade extracellular matrix, both of which contribute to kidney fibrosis. Moreover, they can draw out toxins from the blood to reduce the workload of kidneys.

3-5 days later, flocs will be discharged from body. You father will feel comfortable when starting the treatment, and he will gain much energy and get stronger. Besides, he will have a good sleep and the blood pressure will become stable. 15-20 days later, his creatinine level will start to decrease. If he follow a renal-friendly diet to cooperate with the treatment, the curative effect will be much better.

If you want to acquire a personalized treatment plan, please leave his test report here. After analyzing his medical condition, our doctors will contact you.

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