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Why Some Patients Have Leg Swelling After Dialysis

2014-09-20 08:45


My mother is undergoing dialysis from 2012 twice a week. Her condition is good, but she is having swelling in her both legs after dialysis. Why?


Why Some Patients Have Leg Swelling After DialysisDialysis is the most common used way to remove waste and excess fluid from body for kidney failure patients. But during dialysis intervals, waste and excess fluid will build up in the body again, because dialysis is not a treatment for kidney failure and it won’t improve kidney function. On the contrary, years of dialysis can make the remaining kidney function lose. As a result, the patients will not pass urine by themselves. Therefore, lots of water is remained inside the body. At this time, swelling will appear on leg or on the whole body.

How to ease leg swelling?

Dietary sodium restriction and diuretic drugs can help the patient with leg swelling. She should also pay attention to the fluid intake between the two sessions. Besides, avoid walking and have a good rest until the edema disappears.

Though these tips are useful, they can not solve the problem from the root. Because edema results from kidney function impairment. What we should do is to repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. The reason why long-term dialysis can make kidney function decline is that dialysis can only expel the micromolecule waste from the blood, while there are still waste in the blood to damage the kidneys. Besides, dialysis replaces kidneys to work, which can make them have diminished functionality.

Therefore, we recommend Blood Pollution Therapy rather than dialysis for kidney failure patients. This therapy combines many therapies to purify the blood, not only western medicine therapies like plasma exchange and immune absorption, but also Chinese medicine therapies like medicated bath and enema therapy. They can cleanse the waste as well as the stasis adhere to blood vessels. When blood circulation is improved, the damaged kidneys have chance to repair themselves. In addition, Blood Pollution Therapy supplements elements in the blood to speed up the recovery of kidneys.

After a period of treatment, you will find that urine output will increase and edema will be eased. If you would like a personalized treatment plan, please feel free to contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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