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Creatinine Level 3.1, 25% Kidney Function, Kidney Transplantation

2014-09-15 07:20


I am a chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage 4 patient. My creatinine level increases to 3.1 and 4 years ago I discovered high blood pressure. I met couple of doctors and they advise me it is better to do transplantation as soon as possible, as only 25% of my kidney is functioning. As they mentioned that no way to improve CKD. What is your opinion?


Creatinine Level 3.1, 25% Kidney Function, Kidney TransplantationI want to further talk about my opinion about transplantation for you at the moment. I am strongly against this solution for you at this time. You still have kidney function of 25%-30%. Kidney transplantation is best suggested when your kidney function is totally lost. Patients can have kidney transplant when serum creatinine level reaches 10 or above before dialysis or after dialysis. There is no big difference for kidney transplant before dialysis or after dialysis. As for this point, I do not agree with your doctor. You should know transplanted kidney also has a 5 to 10 years general time because chronic renal failure is inevitable. In addition, there is also risk of acute rejection for you. I have some patients who are also suggested transplant when their serum creatinine level is 3 or 4 and they did kidney transplant. But their transplanted kidney soon failed again. It is a pity for them to have given up their own kidneys. Now the transplanted kidney is also damaged, so they are having no choice but to undergo dialysis or second time of kidney transplant. Their life expectancy is largely shortened.

I do not want you to repeat their ways. Kidney function of 25%-30% is still a lot for kidney disease patients. Actually patients can have a good quality of life when they have 30% of kidney function or above. Therefore, the most important thing for you is to protect you current kidney function. Using your own kidney function becomes the most important now. How to make your own kidney work and protect your residual kidney function? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can repair damaged kidneys and protect residual kidney function. As long as your own kidney function is improved, dialysis and even transplant can be avoided.

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