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CKD Stage 3, BUN 27, Creatinine 1.46 and GFR 49: How to Improve My Medical Condition

2014-09-14 03:33


I have CKD, Stage 3, BUN 27, Creatinine 1.46 and GFR at 49. I had a 10 point drop in the last 3 months. I’m concerned. I was also wondering about how to improve my medical condition?


CKD Stage 3, BUN 27, Creatinine 1.46 and GFR 49: How to Improve My Medical ConditionFrom what you said, we can see that your medical condition is worsening in the 3 months. If you do not control the state of illness, you will quickly enter CKD stage 4. I am wondering what treatment you receive now and whether they have effects.

The routine treatment is to take medicine to control symptoms. For example, ACEI and ARB are used to lower blood pressure and steroids are used to reduce protein leakage. If they do not have effect on you or if you want some natural remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is a good choice.

In TCM, all of the medicine is almost from nature, which has few side effects if used correctly. To achieve a good curative effect, we often combine oral Chinese medicine like Mai Kang and medicated soup with external Chinese medicine therapies such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Foot Bath. They can draw out toxins from your body to reduce the workload of kidneys. They can also dilate blood vessels, speed up blood circulation, lower cholesterol level, remove stasis to increase the blood flow into the kidneys so that the immune complexes can not deposit in the kidneys easily and with blood circulation, some immune complexes can be taken away from kidneys and reduce the inflammation caused immune complexes. Moreover, TCM therapies can degrade extracellular matrix to prevent kidney fibrosis. With systemic treatment, the kidneys can gradually regain their ability and then BUN and creatinine level will return to the normal level.

Besides TCM therapies, you should follow a renal-friendly diet, do regular exercise and keep a positive attitude. Only in this way is it possible for you to improve your medical condition totally.

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