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Can Lupus Nephritis Be Reversed Naturally

2014-09-05 00:37


Can Lupus Nephritis be reversed naturally or will have to live the rest of my life taking aggressive drugs to keep my immune suppressed instead of curing this condition?


Can Lupus Nephritis Be Reversed NaturallyLupus nephritis is a disease of immune system and can affect various organs of our body like skin, kidney and nerves, etc.

To treat the lupus nephritis, we first should remove the antibody in your kidneys and blood, so that you will have a clean internal environment. During this process of treatment, we may use some western medicine to assist relieve symptoms. But it is not enough. After this step, we should repair the damaged cells, which is the most important step. And then your body will function normally. Most importantly, we use traditional Chinese medicine treatment to complete these steps, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine, traditional Chinese oral medicine, traditional Chinese medicine for enema, traditional Chinese medicine for feet bath, traditional Chinese medicine for medical bath and acupuncture, etc.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy:

Apply the Chinese medicine to the kidney part, which is called Shenshu acupoint. The treatment can improve blood microcirculation, dilate the renal capillaries and then repair damaged renal cells through meridian and skin. At the same time, this treatment can also eliminate immune complex and dead renal cells which deposit on the kidney. Then the kidney can be repaired through this systematic treatment.

Traditional Chinese Oral Medicine:

The function of oral medicine is to discharge toxins from blood. Meanwhile it can also improve appetite, adjust the patient’s physical condition and discharge the toxin from body rapidly.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for enema:

This is an old way to discharge toxin, which is to absorb the toxins on the intestinal tract and prevent intestinal tract from absorbing toxins.

Medicated herbal bath:

The patients need to soak in the tub, just liking taking a bath. There are some nutrients and medicine which can make you sweat inside the tub. They can provide more nutrients and energy to the kidney, adjust the secretion by sweating and relieve the itching problem. After this, patients’ skin will get better.


It is another kind of special treatment which can help the patients with less urine pass more urine, even return to normal. Acupuncture can stimulate the kidney nerve and activity of muscle, so it can help them pass more urine.

These therapies have good curative effects on improving kidney function. But to treat patient’s kidney disease effectively, for different patients, the treatment plan will also be different.

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