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How Can I Have A Baby With Creatinine Lvel 435

2014-08-26 03:26


I have a kidney transplant for 5 years and my creatinine level is 435. How can I have a baby with this condition. Could you give me some suggestion to help me?



How Can I Have A Baby With Creatinine Lvel 435Your creatinine level is 435 now, and it is high, so if you want to give birth to a baby, you should improve your kidney condition and reduce high creatinine level. Then you will have a safe internal environment for your body.

Since your renal function was damaged, there are metabolism rubbish inside the blood and immune complex inside your kidney. If the rubbish cannot be cleared timely, as time goes by, the deposition on the kidney will be more, so it becomes a vicious circulation. If the rubbish cannot be discharged, so the renal cells cannot be repaired. In this condition, the key point is how to remove the toxin from the blood and how to remove the rubbish from the kidneys.

The first step: we need to know the degree of damaged renal immunity, so we can know which stage your kidney disease belongs to. When the disease belongs to the first stage and the second stage, we can improve renal blood micro-circulation by dilating renal vessels, and also repair renal cells by providing oxygen and energy to them.

The second step: To discharge the deposition of immune complex and metabolized rubbish from kidney, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medical Bath, Feet Bath and Enema and other Chinese medicine treatment may be applied. We can see more rubbish in the urine, after this treatment, some broken and necrosis of protein and tissue separated from kidney, all these bad substances are discharged out through urine. These procedures provide a good internal environment for repairing renal cells, at the same time, it still can prevent the kidney disease from further damage.

As long as your renal function is improved, you can have a baby.

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