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Have Urine Output, Dialysis For 2 Years, Waiting for Transplant

2014-08-24 02:26


I am a dialysis patient for 2 years and have normal urine but protein in urine. I like to have kidney transplant since I think transplant is the only way to prolong my life. Will you be able to find a donor for me?


Have Urine Output, Dialysis For 2 Years, Waiting for TransplantThis is a specialized kidney disease hospital located in China. In China, we offer conservative treatment and kidney transplantation for kidney disease patients. However, it is the patient’s condition to decide what kind of treatment is best for them.

I have read the information you mentioned. For your condition, in my eyes, to improve your own kidney condition is not by dialysis, not by kidney transplantation, but by conservative treatment.

First, there is still protein in the urine. There is still part of her kidneys are in inflammatory stage. If treated in time, the function of this part of kidneys cells can still be recovered. It is one of advantages in this stage.

Second, you are on dialysis, but you still have urine output, which is the hope for you and the advantage of your condition.

As a doctor, I do not hope you will be on dialysis in your rest of life or take anti-rejection medicine after kidney transplant for the rest of life.

For your condition, I think conservative treatment is best for you now. I do not suggest kidney transplant because there is too much risk for you by receiving kidney transplant. What’s more, after kidney transplant, you have to take a lot of medicine for anti-rejection. Anti-rejection will also bring some side effects. What’s worse, transplanted kidney has a life span of about 10 years. That is to say, your transplanted kidney will be damaged again after some years.

Due to the above factors, kidney transplant is not the root solution of kidney disease. You can have a try of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can help the patient to expand blood vessels, increase blood circulation, meanwhile bring a lot of useful substances to kidneys, supply nutritional substances for the kidneys to recovery.

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