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How to Relieve Back Pain for PKD Patients

2014-08-15 09:50


My son is having back pain because of Polycystic Kidney Disease. He is only 30 years old. What immediate pain relief would you suggest?


How to relieve back Pain for PKD PatientsFor people with Polycystic Kidney Disease, back pain is a common symptom, which results from the growing cysts oppressing the tissues around. To eat some painkillers can help him ease the pain. But it does not solve the problem from the root. Once stopping the medication, he feels back pain again. To relieve the pain, he should seek treatment for these cysts as early as possible.

Under normal circumstance, patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease will have high blood pressure in their 30s, renal insufficiency in 40s and renal failure in 50s. You son is only 30 years old now. If he can control his state of illness, it is possible for him to keep kidney failure away.

First, let’s see why these cysts become bigger and bigger. Due to some unknown reasons, the renal tubule epithelial cells will proliferate abnormally, which forms the cyst wall. And then it will block the cavity of kidney tubules, so the liquid will gather there to become cysts. Besides, the lining cells also secrete liquid to make the cyst enlarge.

The right treatment for kidney cysts is as follows: On one hand, we have to use western medicine to control the symptoms to prevent further damage to the kidneys. For example, his high blood pressure can be controlled by ACEI and ARB. On the other hand, we should use Chinese medicine to shrink these cysts. They can restrain the growth trend of the cysts by inactivating the epithelial cells of the cyst walls and making it lose the function of secretion. Once the cyst liquid will not be secreted, the cysts will not enlarge. For the existing cysts, we will use medicine to increase the permeability of the cyst walls and speed up the microcirculation. As a result, the cyst liquid will be reabsorbed and discharged out through the urine. If the size of the cysts are reduced, the pressure on the around renal tissues will be lower, and the pain relieves. The Chinese medicine is penetrated into the kidneys by osmosis devices. When you receive treatment, you just lie on the herbal bags, which can also ease back pain.

With comprehensive treatment, his kidney function can be improved and then he can live a normal life.

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