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Why Do I Have Pain In The Kidney With 2 Small Cysts

2014-07-20 06:54


After my kidney ultrasound, they found 2 small cysts in my right kidney. I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD). I do have pain in the kidney but the doctor said it should not cause any pain. Why do I have pain then?


Why Do I Have Pain In The Kidney With 2 Small CystsKidney cysts are very common. They can be multiple and range in size from a pea to a grapefruit. Ultrasound is very accurate in determining whether these are simple cysts or something more serious. Renal cysts rarely cause problems or pain. But in some patients, there is discomfort and the cysts need to be drained which is a simple procedure done under ultrasound guidance.

Kidney cysts are caused by polycystic kidney disease (PKD), a disease that cause pain and discomfort in sufferers, particularly in the back or sides. Why do they cause pain?

PKD is a genetic kidney disease in which there are many various cysts in both kidneys. And they will become larger and larger, oppressing the kidneys, leading to pain. In addition, in one day the cysts may rupture in patients’ body, which will damage the patients’ kidneys. Liquid in cysts will cause the infections, causing the pain.

How to relieve the pain?

Commonly painkillers will be given to relieve the pain. However, painkillers just ease pain temporarily and cannot delay the advancing of kidney failure. To treat pain fundamentally, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may be more suitable for shrinking kidney cysts and inhibiting the secretion of cystic fluid.

You still need to discuss your discomforts with your doctor or send your test reports to kidneycares@hotmail.com. Without the benefit of taking your history and examining you, I really cannot tell you what your pain is due to.

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