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Hypertension 17 Years, Diabetes 15 Years, Creatinine Level 3.7: What Is A Diet Plan

2014-07-15 01:59


My father is hypertensive since 17 years and also diabetic since 15 years. Now according to recent blood reports, his creatinine level is 3.7 and blood sugar fasting is 232. Could you recommend a diet list for him to control his disease?


Hypertension 17 Years, Diabetes 15 Years, Creatinine Level 3.7: What Is A Diet PlanThis is Ken from kidney disease hospital. We have talked about your father’s diabetes and high creatinine. Now since I do not know much about his illness condition, I would like to tell you some diet about patients with kidney disease:

A general dietary tip for kidney disease patients is five low and one high. Namely: low salt, low potassium, low phosphorus, low fat, low protein and high vitamin.

1. Low potassium

High potassium content of foods should be forbidden. All kinds of edible fungi, potato, Chinese yam, cabbage, banana, orange, white fungus, peach, apricot, spinach and rape, etc.

2. Low salt

High salt intake will worsen high blood pressure, so foods with high salt intake should be avoided. The foods include MSG, soda cracker, fine dried noodles, soy sauce and so on. In general, patients should take salt less than 3 g every day.

3. Low phosphorus intake

Your father should follow a low phosphorus intake and foods with low phosphorus level include marine food products and marine plant, such as seaweed, laver, animals’ bowels, sesame, tea, honey and york, etc.

4. Low fat

It is forbidden to use animal oil while cooking. Take vegetable oil mainly and do not take fatty food. It is better for the kidney patients to eat corn oil contained unsaturated fatty acid.

5. Low but high protein intake

Patients should take right amount of egg white, milk, and fine lean meat. The amount of intake should be less than 100g. They should avoid vegetable protein such as bean and each kind of bean products, bean curd and bean milk. Nuts like peanut, melon seeds and walnuts should be eliminated.

6. High vitamin consumption

Your father should take more vegetables and every kind of fruit, like pear, apple, cucumber, tomato and etc.

Precautions: avoid spicy food such as onion, ginger, garlic, avoid smoke and liquor, and avoid dog meat. While being oliguria, your father needs to control the water intake. The water intake should be less than the urine volume on the day before.

The diet is important to control the high creatinine level, but it can not repair his damaged kidney cells and unavailable to improve kidney function.

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