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What Can I Do to Maintain Kidney Function for Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-07-08 07:23


My mother was diabetes more than 30 years. She now is 70 years old. Just find out from the kidney function test that the creatinine is 453 and eGFR is 23. Now what can I do to help maintain the kidney function and prevent the kidneys from getting worse.


What Can I Do to Maintain Kidney Function for Diabetic NephropathyCreatinine 453 and eGFR 23 mean you are in stage 4 kidney disease. If you can not bring your state of illness under control, it will quickly progress to kidney failure and then dialysis or kidney transplant is needed. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know how to maintain kidney function and prevent the kidneys from getting worse. The following information may be helpful for you.

Diabetes is the main cause of kidney failure, so the first thing to do is to control your blood sugar level. The first-line treatment for diabetes is diet, weight control and physical activity. Besides, oral medications or insulin are often prescribed to help you meet your targeted blood glucose levels.

The second thing to do is to repair the damaged kidneys. In stage 4 kidney disease, there are many wastes accumulating in your body. Therapies such as Medicated Bath, Circle Therapy and Enema Therapy can cleanse waste from blood and improve blood circulation so that the damaged kidneys can get enough oxygen and nutrient.

Third, therapy like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can dilate blood vessels, inhibit kidney inflammation, block blood clotting, prevent kidney fibrosis and supplement essential substances. With Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, your damaged kidneys can gradually repair themselves and then creatinine level decreases and GFR increases.

Third, Stem Cell Therapy sometimes is needed to rebuild your kidneys and pancreatic islets.

If you can send your test report to kidneycares@hotmail.com, our doctor can give you a detailed treatment plan.

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