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How to Improve Kidney Function 46.2 %

2014-06-19 06:43


My dad has been diagnosed with a kidney working of 46.2%. I wanna know what is this stage and how can we improve his health.


How to Improve Kidney Function 46.2 %Kidney function 46.2 % means your father are in stage 3 chronic kidney disease. If his state of illness can be controlled, it is possible for him to lead a normal life. If not, he may develop to kidney failure.

Healthy living style

In the daily, he should pay attention to his diet. Renal friendly diet can help control some of his symptoms. For example, low sodium diet helps control high blood pressure and low protein diet helps lower creatinine level, BUN and proteinuria. Besides, eating fresh vegetables and fruits high in vitamins is good for health. These are general information about diet. The personalized diet plan can be acquired with the help of online doctor. Besides diet, doing exercise moderately is also good for health. Exercise can boost immune system so as to strengthen your ability to fight against kidney disease. Smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee may worsen state of illness, so it is better to give up.

Appropriate treatment

Diet and exercise are only adjunctive treatment to improve kidney function. Appropriate treatment is more important. In kidney disease hospital China, kidney disease treatment is very comprehensive. It can not only help you relieve the symptoms, but also balance your whole body. Here we just set one of the therapies as an example. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is to penetrate the inactive ingredients of fully-shattered Chinese medicine into the damaged kidneys through skin with the help of osmosis device. This therapy can restrain kidney inflammation, improve blood circulation, prevent kidney fibrosis and supplement essential substances. With Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, part of your kidney function can recover. There are also other therapies to help you restore kidney function.

For further information, please send medical test report to kidneycares@hotmail.com. After analyzing his case, we will reply you.

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