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Are There Medicines For Ending Dialysis

2014-06-19 02:13


My father has high creatinine level 6.1 and is suffering from diabetes. He just got dialysis this month. Sir is there any medicine for ending dialysis?


Are There Medicines For Ending DialysisYou talked about your father’s kidney problem on our website. He is under the treatment of dialysis. You want to find therapy which can help him better. I think there are two reason why you want to find an alternative way. First, your father’ disease is in a progressive period and maybe his blood sugar is not well controlled, or due to other facilitated factors. Second, dialysis is not so sufficient. In these cases, his creatinine level can be lowered but will rise again easily. Dialysis is only partly renal replacement but can not do anything for kidney damage.

Your father does not receive dialysis for a long time, and it is very likely to get rid of it if he receives systematic and proper treatment. The basic problem should enhance his renal function. Once renal function is enhanced, the kidneys can discharge toxins by themselves. Thus, high creatinine level will be lowered down. In addition, electrolyte imbalance, cold hands, pale face and anemia can all get improved.

For the patients with type 2 diabetes, there are some antibodies such as ICA, IAA, GAD-AB in their body, which will attack the beta cells and receptor cells and lead to the insufficiency of insulin and high blood sugar. Hence their immunity will be low. Therefore, in order to treat kidney disease from the root, we should also pay more attention to immunity. What’s more, kidney impairment should be repaired.

At present, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Medicated Bath, Feet Bath, Enema, Acupuncture and other Chinese medicine therapies are used to boost immunity and restore kidney function. When kidneys can work on their own and its function is improved to some extent, dialysis may be avoided or stopped.

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