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Is There Any Chance For End Stage Renal Failure

2014-06-03 03:55


I am on end stage renal failure. I am also hypertension and have been on dialysis for the past two years. Is there any hope for me with your treatment?


Is There Any Hope For End Stage Renal FailureIn our hospital our characteristic therapy is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy. You know TCM has a long history of thousands of years. It has been proven to be with great effectiveness in improving blood circulation inner kidneys and improving kidney function.

The so called unique therapy means that we have the unique diagnostic technique, unique treatment methods and unique therapeutic drugs. All the specialized hospital even each big grade A class 3 hospital in China have no all these. We put these together, forming a set of unique treatment which is different from any hospital in China. Till now we have treated numerous kidney patients whose disease is more serous than your coming from more than 64 countries of the world. And the success rate os 90.125% according to clinical data. Even now we have many patients from your country.

In the early stage of treatment, also considering your adaptability, you still need rely on dialysis for a short time. With the implementation of the system treatment, your damaged kidney cells will get repaired and your renal function will be improved gradually. At that time, you can stay away from dialysis gradually.

We apply a systematic therapy which combines Chinese Medicine therapy and western medicine therapy to treat kidney disease so that patients can get the largest therapeutic effects. With our therapies, we can help your healthy nephrons and prevent them from getting damaged by offering a good inner environment. For the damaged renal cells, the active ingredients in Chinese herbs can offer enough blood and oxygen to your kidneys to get your damaged nephrons repaired. Only by this way your impaired kidney cells get repaired and also your renal function gets improved.

Therefore, you do not need to worry too much about your end stage renal disease. Our therapies can help you alleviate your symptoms and prevent further kidney damage.

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