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Treatment Suggestions On Creatinine Level 6.59mg/dl

2014-05-25 03:52


My mother is having kidney problems and her creatinine level is 6.59mg/dl. She does not want to take dialysis. Is there any alternative treatment suggestions on her high creatinine level?


Treatment Suggestions On Creatinine Level 6.59mg/dlCompared with dialysis treatment, we use osmotherapy to treat kidney disease and lower elevated creatinine. The osmotherapy is mainly with the Micro-Chinese Medicine which are four parts:

First, we will expand the blood vessels, in the destination of improving blood circulation kidneys status of each system, then alleviate the lack of salt in the state of ischemic vascular, to repair cells to provide a good environment.

Second, the Chinese medicines can fight against inflammation and reduce inflammatory infiltration.

Third, the ingredients help to reduce thrombus formation pressure in order to fix the cells pave.

Fourth, after the damaged cells to synthesize collagen is not degraded, resulting in a large number of foreign extracellular matrix accumulation and cell sclerosis, for which you must take drugs to degrade extracellular matrix and stop cell sclerosis.

We use immunotherapy which combines Western medicines and Chinese Medicines to achieve better therapeutic effects. This therapy includes immune diagnosis, immune clearance, immune blockage, immune tolerance, immune regulation and immune protection. All these steps helps prevent further kidney damage and repair injured kidneys as well as improve kidney function.

If your renal function is improved, kidney’s ability of removing creatinine level will also be improved, thus lowering creatinine level.

Here we just give a brief introduction about the Chinese medicine. And if you want to learn detailed information, you can send your question to kidneycares@hotmail.com. And we will reply you as soon as possible.

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