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What Treatment Do You Suggest For Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-05-07 08:42


My nephew is 5 years old, and he is suffering from nephrotic syndrome (NS). He is on the medication from 3 years, and he is on cyclosporine right now. What treatment do you suggest?



What Treatment Do You Suggest For Nephrotic SyndromeYou know the medicines have many side effects and it may even worsen your nephew’s condition. It can not repair the kidney and disorder your immune system. Thus, for so many years, your nephew’s conditions still can not be treated well and always relapse. In fact, the kidneys have been damaged a lot than before. Without effective treatment, he will be faced with kidney failure. So what we should do is to rebuild his immune system and repair his damaged kidneys. As for his case, we will use Immunotherapy to treat his disease, and this therapy is a systemic therapy and includes the following 5 steps:

1. Scientific tests

As this disease is caused by the deposition of immune complexes. Therefore, we will do immune series tests. 7 items of toxins in blood and 8 items of urine will be done to find out the exact position of kidney damage and give you targeted treatment.

2. Blocking inflammation in the kidneys.

That is to block the damage.

3. Immune system regulation

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can inactivate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, thus increasing the blood flow in the kidneys. The special material in the Chinese medicines will combine with the metabolic wastes and extra cellular matrix and take it out of the body through blood circulation. You will see floc-liking things discharged out in urine after 7 days of the treatment. At the same time, oral taking medicines will be used to strengthen the immunity and nourish blood and qi.

4. Immune protection of kidney function

For the damaged and remaining inherent cells and tissues, we have to repair them and recover kidney function. Glucocorticoid, oral taking medicines and treg cells injections will play key roles in this step. They can enhance the renal function. Active material in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can regulate the immune system and recover the self renewal of the body.

5. Immune reconstruction

Actually this step is on the basis of the above 3 steps. Both Chinese medicines and immunotherapy can remove the toxins in the body and control the disease in the shortest time so that we win time to repair the kidneys and rebuild the immune system.

After this treatment, his disease can be treated well and have less chance to relapse.

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