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Is There Any Remedy That Could Cure IgA Nephropathy

2014-05-06 06:59


My husband has IgA Nephropathy and has protein in urine. He has creatinine level of 8.4. He is suffering from this illness almost five years and first stage he was swelling and now not. And his urine is normal.


Is There Any Remedy That Could Cure IgA NephropathyHis creatinine level is much higher than normal. There are some acute factors which make his kidney disease get worse and worse in a short time. The luck thing is that his urine output is normal. This is a big advantage for the treatment. We have enough confidence to help him to reduce the high creatinine level and to avoid dialysis. We have treated many kidney failure patients and have good effects.

About the treatment on his case, my suggestions are as follows;

1. To treat his disease, first, we have to stop the inflammation in the kidneys. There are many western medicines and Chinese medicines, which can achieve this effect. However, it is not enough. Suppressing our immunity will make us easy to get infection and the disease is easy to relapse. Therefore, we need the second step to remove the immune complexes and extra cellular matrix in the kidneys.

2. We use Chinese medicines to remove immune complexes in the kidneys. The active ingredients in Chinese herbs can combine with the immune complexes, split them and discharge them out of the body. Besides, the Chinese medicine can dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation and increase the blood flow in the kidneys, so the immune complexes and extra cellular matrix can be exposed out of his body.

3. The most important thing is to clean the blood and repair damaged kidney cells. The purify the blood, western medicine has hemodialysis. However, hemodialysis can only remove the small molecules toxins like creatinine, urea and uric acid. Large molecules toxins like homocysteine and retinol binding protein are still in blood and cause more serious damage. Therefore, for severe kidney damage, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion and plasma exchange can be used together according to patients’ conditions and based on the complete test results. Your husband’s disease is in renal failure already, but I think dialysis can still be avoided. In Chinese Medicine Treatment, Chinese herbal bath therapy, foot bath therapy and acupuncture can also achieve the effect of blood purification.

The earlies your father adopts this effective treatment, the more better the therapeutic effect is. If you have interest in our therapies, you can leave us a message on kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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