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Kidney Transplant: Is It A Radical Treatment For Kidney Failure

2014-04-22 07:52


I have a cousin who had transplant in 2012 in India, and currently we are back to India and the doctors are telling us the kidney has been rejected, currently he is on dialysis. They are telling us we prepare for another transplant which we don’t have the donor. After searching around, we found your hospital might help us. Please advice us.


Kidney Transplant: Is It A Radical Treatment For Kidney FailureThis is a kidney disease hospital in China. I have read your email about your cousin’s kidney disease on our website. I am sorry to hear that his kidneys fail again after 2 years. If another kidney transplant, I am not sure it can survive for more than 2 years.

For chronic rejection of kidney, we apply for a series of special Chinese herbal therapies. Compared with kidney transplant, Chinese herbal medicines can provide some necessary nutrients, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, nourish injured kidney cells and prevent inflammation, which helps provide favorable environment for injured kidneys. Through these treatments, kidney function can be enhanced by a large margin and your cousin has a great chance of avoid dialysis or kidney transplant. You should know kidney transplant is not the radical solution for kidney failure because it has not aimed at improving kidney function. To key point of avoid dialysis or transplant is to repair injured kidneys and improve kidney function with Chinese Herbal Medicines. If you think what I am saying does make any sense to you, you can leave your message to kidneycares@hotmail.com to tell us know you are interested in this therapy. And we can send you relative information to you.

In a word, our hospital don’t regard transplant as the radical treatment for kidney failure. While, we have saved over 600 foreign patients from more than 20 countries with kidney failure and help them get rid of dialysis or transplant in Chinese Herbal Medicines.

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