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Hypertension 30 Years, Creatinine 1.9, GFR 46: Is Diet Control Enough

2014-04-14 08:35


I am looking for foods to not eat by my husband with kidney disease. I hope to keep it from going advanced through diet. He has hypertension for 30 years, creatinine is 1.9 and glomerular filtration rate (GFR)is 46. Is diet management enough to stop kidney disease from advancing?



Hypertension 30 Years, Creatinine 1.9, GFR 46: Is Diet Control EnoughGenerally speaking, hypertensive diet is as follows:

1. Low salt diet

The daily intake of salt should be limited within 6g. Apart from helping to control high blood pressure, salt restriction is also helpful for relieving swelling.

2. Focus calories intake

Proper calories intake can not only maintain a healthy body weight, but also help the remission of metabolic disorders.

3. High vitamin intake

Vitamin intake, especially vitamin B, helps regulate our metabolism.

4. Proper protein intake

Normally, 50g protein should be given to our body if there is no obvious kidney damage. However, for hypertensive kidney disease, the protein intake should reduce to 20g to 40g per day.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Although diet modification does help control the progression of hypertensive nephropathy, it can not treat the damaged kidney from the root. This is because damaged kidneys are still not repaired.

Also for your husband’s condition, the high blood pressure has influence of the kidney disease. Almost of the whole body’s blood will pass through the kidney, and the high perfusion and high speed flow will change the glomerular artery. And then the blood volume will reduce. Also kidney will be in a state of hypoxia and ischemia, so thrombosis will happen. Also the filtration function decline and protein will leak from the urine. According to my experience, if your husband can accept the systemic treatment immediately, there is a big hope to treat his disease.

As for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it has the following effects on hypertension nephropathy.

First, it can expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation on the kidney status of each system. And then it alleviate ischemic vascular to repair cells to provide a good environment.

Second, the Chinese herbs can fight with inflammation to reduce inflammatory infiltration.

Third, degrade extracellular matrix to stop renal fibrosis progression. This postpones the time of renal failure.

Fourth, this therapy aims to repair injured kidneys and recover kidney function.

Only recovery of your husband’s kidney function can his hypertension and high creatinine as well as GFR be improved largely.

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