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FSGS For 5 Years, Creatinine 2.4, GFR 44: What Can I Do Without Going For Dialysis

2014-04-14 07:45


I am suffering from FSGS for the past 5 years and currently my creatinine level is 2.4. I need to understand till what level of creatinine I can maintain without going a dialysis.



FSGS For 5 Years, Creatinine 2.4, GFR 44: What Can I Do Without Going For DialysisWe had a conversation about your kidney problem on our website just now. Academically you should do dialysis when creatinine level is 8.0. But many factors can affect it, such as history disease including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease or infection, 24h urine output, treatment and medicines you take. And the following we will tell you how to delay dialysis through specific therapy.

1. Control history diseases

If you have any history disease-diabetes, high blood pressure or infection, etc, you should take timely treatment to well control history diseases. For high blood pressure, ACE inhibitors and Beta-blockers are helpful for lowering high blood pressure. As for diabetes, patients should pay attention to blood sugar level. In this light, patients with diabetes should have a low sugar level intake and avoid foods that contain high sugar. Also FSGS patient should boost immune system to avoid infection and cold to reduce the risk for kidney disease. In a word, all related symptoms or signs should be under control.

2. Fundamental therapy to improve kidney function

FSGS describes the scaring of the kidney, and the scaring may be a result of infection, drug toxicity, lupus disease and the deposit of immune system. Based on the causes of FSGS, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat it radically. This is because Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helps remove immune complexes, increase blood flow through kidneys, promote the restoration of impaired kidneys and regulate immune system. With these functions, kidney function can be elevated by a large margin. Also creatinine level will be reduced. With elevated kidney function, your urine output may be increased. If you still have some urine output, dialysis may be postponed or stopped.

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