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What Is Home Remedy To Minimize Blood Urea

2014-04-14 07:27


My brother suffers from high blood urea level. And doctor say he had chronic kidney disease(CKD). Any home remedies to reduce the levels please.



What Is Home Remedy To Minimize Blood UreaUrea comprises of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is a waste product of protein catabolism and is eliminated from the blood through the kidneys. The quantity of nitrogen in the urea is estimated by blood urea nitrogen(BUN). Urea nitrogen in the blood is an indicator of kidney function. With high BUN level in the blood, it usually indicates kidney function has been damaged. In this condition, it is imperative to lower BUN level to stop further kidney damage. Compared with conventional methods like dialysis, home remedies are much favored by elevated blood urea nitrogen level.

Then, what is the home remedy to minimize the blood urea level?

1. Low protein diet

Since urea is the metabolism of protein, a protein intake will help reduce the production of urea so as to prevent further increase of blood urea or at least minimize the blood urea level.

2. Avoid dehydration and drink more water

Dehydration can also cause elevated blood urea level. In this light, if blood urea level is raised by insufficient water intake, you need to drink more fluid to avoid dehydration. It is better to have some juices of fresh vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, alcoholic drinks or caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee, cola and strong tea also should be avoided or limited.

3. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

For increased blood urea nitrogen level in CKD, the key point to reduce the level is to repair damaged kidney structure and improve kidney function. As long as kidney function is strengthened, its ability of discharging urea out of the body will be improved. In this way, blood urea nitrogen will be minimized to some extent and permanently. For Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application and the active ingredients can come to the damaged kidney lesion directly so as to repair injured kidney cells and make kidney function be strong. Also after about one month hospitalization, patients can bring specific herbs to home to consolidate the curative effects and prevent disease relapse.

The above are home remedies for minimizing high blood urea nitrogen. If you still have problems about kidney disease, you can leave your message below.

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