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Does Dialysis Improve Kidney Function

2014-04-14 07:01


My creatinine level is 7.7, and I have diabetes for 12 years. Blood sugar is controlled by insulin injection. I also have protein in urine for 1 month and suffer from suffocation in breathing. My doctor suggest me to take dialysis twice or three times weekly. May I know if dialysis improves my kidney function?



Does Dialysis Improve Kidney FunctionDoing dialysis can remove the toxins and wastes out of your body and replace the filtration function of the kidneys. However, it can not improve the kidney function. As for improving your kidney function, what you need is the systematic treatment.

Step one: Scientific tests

Tests help you know the disease clearly and contribute to finding the good and effective treatment.

Step two: Control the illness progress

There are three kinds of inherent cells: the healthy cells, the damaged cells and the sclerosis cells. As for sclerosis cells, there is no way to bring the back to life. Thus, what we can do is to protect the healthy cells and repair the damaging cells. Purify the blood and remove the toxins and wastes out of the blood. In this way, the damage to the kidneys would be reduced when the healthy blood flow through kidneys.

Step three: treat the primary cause at the same time

Treating kidney disease and meanwhile control the primary cause is also imperative. Block the inflammation in the first place, and dilate the blood vessels and then lower the blood pressure.

Step four: supply the necessary element to the body, adjust the internal environment and strengthen the immune system.

Through these four steps, kidney function can be enhanced by a large margin. However, dialysis can only alleviate symptoms in a short time but does not strengthen kidney function.

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