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CKD 15 Years, Kidney Function Is Left 15% and Right 18.5%, Creatinine 3.9: What To Do

2014-04-14 06:54


I just saw your message on our website about your kidney disease, so according to that I sent you the relative email, and hope I can do some help for you.



Actually the function of your right and left kidney are nearly in the same level, which means that your kidney function is rather balanced, then we can exclude the possibility of interstitial nephritis. Interstitial nephritis is mainly relative to the damage of the kidney tubular, of which the most obvious character is that the size of the two kidneys is very different, and the kidney function is also of difference.

For most glomeruli-primary kidney disease, the most common cause is the diabetes, but you told me that you do not have the diabetes history, so I am thinking that your kidney disease is relative to something about the immune system. Due to the continuous inflammation inner the kidney, the kidney tissue is damaged gradually, and then your kidney function is affected. And now your kidney function is entering CKD stage 4. We must protect your kidney function, and prevent it from developing to stage 4. And only kidney function is improved can we achieve the goal of lowering down the creatinine level.

How to achieve the goal of improving kidney function?

First, increase your immunity, and try to control the disorder lying in the immune system.

Second, improving the blood circulation inner the kidney to make sure that the kidney cells can get enough supplement of nutrition and oxygen.

Third, remove the immune complexes depositing in the kidney tissue, and try to repair the injured kidney cells.

Then we can achieve the goal of saving the residual kidney function and try to improve it.

For the Chinese medicines, the correct prescription is the most important. And our Chinese medicine experts can know what medicines will be suitable for you after knowing your general condition. Then our experts will choose the medicines, and make them into Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy. Furthermore, it has been proven to be with great effects in treating chronic kidney disease. If you are interested in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, you can leave us a message tokidneycares@hotmail.com to know further information.

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Swelling is an obvious sign of kidney disease.

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Look, this patient has severe leg swelling which has made her feel pain and can not get out of the bed. In order to seek better treatment, she came to our hospital for Chinese medicine treatments. 30kg of fluid was removed from her body in less than a month. Her leg swelling disappeared completely. Now you can see her long legs again.

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