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My Kidney Function Is 40% and Protein 4 Gram Every Day. Would Acupuncture Work For Me

2014-04-11 03:16


I know acupuncture has a long history in treating diseases. I would like to know if acupuncture works for me with my kidney function 40% and protein 4 gram every day.


My Kidney Function Is 40% and Protein 4 Gram Every Day. Would Acupuncture Work For MeFor your 40% kidney function, your kidneys have been badly damaged. In this condition, it is time for you to take treatment to alleviate corresponding symptoms and improve kidney function.

Acupuncture is a complex therapeutic system and it has been sued to treat a varieties of diseases. Acupuncture has been used to treat chronic kidney disease(CKD) and its complications.

1. Lower high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a risk for damaging kidney function. Acupuncture can lower blood pressure by blocking beta-acceptor of sympathetic nerve and by stimulating adrenaline angiotensin system. Also acupuncture usually combines with Shanzha and Tian Ma to decrease high blood pressure.

2.Boost immunity

Low immunity tends to have people attacked by various bacteria and thus it will worsen your medical condition. Acupuncture enhances immune system by stimulating natural killer cells to enhance the patients’ immunity.

3. Improve kidney function

Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles at various points on the body. These points connect to pathways called Meridians, which conduct energy, or Qi. Chinese practitioners believe that acupuncture works by improving the flow of Qi throughout the body. When the damaged kidney tissues get more blood circulation, it will improve it self-cure ability, thus improve kidney function.

Acupuncture works for you with the above functions. As long as your damaged kidney function is improved, your protein 4 gram every day will also be alleviated. If you have an question about acupuncture for kidney function, you can leave a message below.

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