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Failed Kidneys, Diabetes, A Weak Heart: Is There A Cure

2014-04-09 08:10


My sisters’ kidneys have failed. She is diabetic and also has a weak heart. Is there a cure? Or is there anything we can do for her? My name is Mii Paroma.


Failed Kidneys, Diabetes, A Weak Heart: Is There A CureDear Mii Paroma,

Wish you a nice day.

This is Dr. Angus from Kidney Disease Specialized Hospital in China and we talked about your sister’s condition.

I am sorry to hear that your sister have diabetes combining with kidney problems and heart disease. But it is not hopeless to improve her condition. Frankly speaking, both her heart problem and kidney function decline are related with diabetic damage in blood capillaries. Our hospital have treated many similar cases, and most of then can actually get an obvious improvement.

For your sister’ s condition, there is fluid retention in her legs and abdomen. It is more likely that the water retention in chest added more burden to her heart. We treated one patients with severe swelling and he can not walk. However, do not worry too much about her condition. As long as her kidney function is improved and heart condition gets better, swelling will disappear naturally.

Generally, we adopt osmotherapy in treating similar cases. The osmotherapy is based on traditional Chinese medicines. During treatments, our experts team make treatment schedule according to each patient’s specific condition, and then make adjustment during the conduction. To make sure curative effect, we ask patients to stay in our hospital located in China for 3 or 4 weeks. Another reason is that the osmosis machine can only be found in our hospital.

As to your sister’s condition, you can tell me more detailed information. For example, how long does your sister suffer from kidney disease? Has she started dialysis now? And what is her present creatinine level, etc. For these question, you can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com or tell these to our online experts.

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