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Will My Kidney Function Be Strong Enough

2014-03-31 11:28


I have had kidney disease for about 5 years and have had a number of treatments. However, the therapeutic effect are not obvious and even worsen my medical condition. And I now hear a new therapy-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which has been thought to be the best treatment for kidney disease. Is this true and will it make my kidney function strong enough?


It is a real fact that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is at present the best remedy for kidney disease. It has successfully treated more than 600 patients from over 60 countries. And this therapy can make kidney function be strong enough as it aims to restore damaged kidney tissues and activate injured but not necrotic cells, stop renal fibrosis as well as provide oxygen and blood for kidneys. After these treatments, damaged kidney structure can be repaired and gradually kidney function can be strong enough.

Besides, in our hospital there are also immunotherapy, foot bath, medicated bath, acupuncture and Tai qi and Qi Gong, etc. These are also beneficial for improving kidney function. As for immunotherapy, it has six steps, including immune diagnosis, immune tolerance, immune clearance, immune adjustment, immune blockage and immune protection. With this therapy, our experts first take a thorough test for you to detect where the damage is. After that, western medicines are used to control corresponding symptoms and block immune inflammation as well as clear immune complexes. If immune inflammation is blocked and immune complexes are cleared out, further kidney function can be prevented. Also Chinese medicines are also applied to regulate immune system and protect residual kidney function.

Immunotherapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and medicated bath, foot bath are chosen to heal your kidney problems according to your specialized medical condition. After a period of treatment, your kidney function can get strong. And your life quality is also improved.

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