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Sweet Taste In Mouth: Can Someone Explain?

2014-03-17 10:55


Hi, for the past week I keep getting a sweet taste in my mouth. It is strange though, because it is a strange sweet, like it is coming from my body. I don’t use sugar or sub sugar products. Confused a if this is related to kidney disease.



For your description, here I can explain your illness analysis for you. If you experience diabetic nephropathy, sweet taste is mouth is one of the common complications of Diabetes. Even if you don’t use any sugar or sub sugar products, you may have a sweet taste. Then why do diabetic nephropathy patients have sweet taste in mouth?

1. High blood sugar

Uncontrollable blood sugar effectively makes patients have a sweet tastes in mouth, because the amount of blood sugar or glucose in spittle will rise with the increase of blood sugar. In this condition, even if they have no sugar or sub sugar products, they also have sweet tastes in mouth. Moreover, poor control of blood sugar lead to insufficiency of sugar due to inadequate insulin. In this condition, too much sugar will pile up in the body and then causes sweet tastes in mouth. Also it will exacerbate diabetes conditions.

2. Digestive system disorder

Damaged kidney will affect many organ systems, and one is the digestive system. For diabetes, the digestive system disorder will lead to more production of ptyalin. High ptyalin is able to make the starch converted into maltose rapidly. Thus, sweet tastes will appear in the mouth.

3. Medications

Some medicines can sometimes cause sweet taste in mouth. Those drugs can affect one’s taste sense and decrease the secretion of saliva.

For diabetes, controlling high blood sugar is the key point to control this symptom. Besides, the most effective therapy for diabetes is Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy which has been poven to be outstanding to treat this disease. More importantly, this therapy can adjust the digestive disorder from repairing damaged kidney tissues. As long as your damaged kidney function is improved, your sweet taste in mouth can be alleviated from the root.

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