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How Long Does It Take From Stage 3 To End Stage Kidney Disease

2014-02-26 14:30


Q: How long does it take from stage 3 kidney disease to end stage kidney disease? I am diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease and I want to know what can I to stop it from progressing into end stage kidney disease.


A: Actually, it is hard to say how long it takes from stage 3 to end stage renal disease(ESRD). The time is very individual and changeable. It is affected by the treatment you take and your daily diet. If you take correct and effective treatment and pay more attention to your daily diet, your conditions may be stable and the time into ESRD may be delayed; otherwise, it may take a very short time for your condition to end stage kidney disease. and now we give you some suggestions to delay kidney disease become worse and worse.

1. Diet management

For stage 3 kidney disease, it means a mild kidney damage. If you have a strict diet which has great significance in alleviating your kidney condition. Thus, stage 3 kidney disease patients should follow the below diet tips.

Low protein but high quality protein intake-lean meat, fish, egg white, milk and chicken and other high quality foods.

Low sodium intake-high salt tends to cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure is able to worsen kidney disease. Thereby, kidney disease patients need to have a low salt diet and avoid high sodium foods like pickle, processed foods, canned foods and baked meat, etc.

Low phosphorus and potassium diet-if you are a patient with high phosphorus or high potassium level, you should keep far away from low phosphorus or potassium foods, because this condition will cause severe problems like irregular heartbeat and heart attack or stroke.

Besides, you should also avoid or limit alcohol and give up smoking.

2. Correct and effective treatment

If you have take correct and effective treatment, you have a great chance to live a normal life. All of the symptoms you experience are caused by damaged kidney function. Thus, repairing the damaged tissues is helpful for alleviating the conditions and makes you get healthy quickly. With this regard, Chinese medicine treatment is recommended for you. Some people may think it just refers to Chinese herbs. It is partly true. In fact, it is a comprehensive and systemic treatment which includes Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, medicated bath, foot bath and enema. With this systemic treatment, damaged kidney tissues can be repaired. Damaged but necrotic intrinsic cells can be activated. In this way, your kidney function is able to be rebuilt and improved. Only kidney function is improved can the time from stage 3 kidney disease into ESRD be delayed.

We can say exactly how long it takes from stage 3 to end stage renal disease, because many factors affect it. We can only tell you how to delay the time into ESRD.

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