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Kidney Cyst, Pain, Fever, Kidney Functions

2012-09-30 16:42


I have been having fever and unbearable pains for a week. 3 days ago it was found that there is a cyst on my left kidney during a CT scan done for other reason. I wonder weather the cyst will broke or not and will it cause damages to my kidney?


Kidney cyst is a common renal disorder and if there is only one cyst in your kidney, it is more likely to be simple kidney cyst which is more common among the elderly. Since the cyst will grow and enlarge along with age, it will stretch the renal capsule and oppress surrounding tissues. Usually the pain is dull and fixed in one side. You said your pain is unbearable, it indicates that the cyst has ruptured or got infections or there is the complication of kidney stone.

The pain is sharp in case of cyst bleeding or cyst infections and in case of kidney stone or urinary obstruction by the blood clots, there will be colic in the renal area. And cyst bleeding and infections will cause blood in urine and fever.

Since the cyst will continue to grow and when it is too large, it will oppress and replace normal renal tissues and cause damages to kidney structure and functions. Therefore proper treatments should be received in case of persistent fever and sharp pain. Timely and effective treatments can help alleviate symptoms and reduce renal damages.

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