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Kidney Cysts, Flank Pain, Kidney Stone, Treatments

2012-09-30 14:45


I have a cyst on my right kidney and there are several stones in that kidney too. I have no hematuria (blood in urine), but I have been having severe flank pain and nausea. Is there any effective ways that can help alleviate the pain and nausea?


Generally speaking, if the flank pain is caused by the enlarged cyst, it is dull and not so severe. Severe pain is might be caused by cyst rupture, cyst infections or kidney stones. From your description, the severe flank pain might be caused by kidney stones since you have no blood in urine. When the stones move with urine, it will cause sharp pains in the back and flank.

Usually analgesic such as acetaminophen will be taken to alleviate the pains. Besides, there are some natural ways to deal with flank pain. Acupuncture and massage can help alleviate the pain and tension.

To alleviate the pain and nausea from the root, effective treatments should be taken to shrink the cyst or at least slow down its growth rate. Some herbal medicines have this functions, what is more they do not cause additional damages to the kidneys and even long term intake will not cause side effects if taken properly. These herbal medicines include dandelion and green tea which can help improve renal filtration function.

And having vegetable juices every day such as juiced carrot, celery, ginger, watermelon, etc can help improve the functions of the liver and kidneys.

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