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Alternative Treatment to Hemodialysis for Creatinine 729

2014-01-03 14:42


My mother has a high creatinine 729 and she is advised by her doctor for hemodialysis.However,she is unwilling to do dialysis.Is there any alternative treatment?


The answer is “Yes”.If the function of her native kidneys can be enhanced,hemodialysis will not be required.

It is necessary for you to learn how her kidneys fail.Cells are basic renal functional units of kidneys.Kidneys are composed of five kinds of functional cells.These cells can function together to guarantee kidneys to perform their roles.

However,a variety of diseases and conditions may affect the renal functional cells in an adverse way.If the renal functional cells become impaired,the kidneys will fail to function adequately.As a result,high levels of creatinine and other waste products will accumulate in blood.Creatinine 729 is related to very serious kidney damage and renal function decline.

Hemodialysis can filter out creatinine and waste products from blood.It can lower high creatinine and other waste products effectively,thus relieving the patients’ discomforts prolonging their life span.However,hemodialysis can not improve renal function at all.

As mentioned above, the underlying cause of high creatinine 729 is damage to renal functional cells.To improve renal function and help the prevent the onset of hemodialysis,your mother should have a treatment to restore the impaired renal functional cells.

Stem Cell Therapy is a recommended treatment for your mother.It can lower high creatinine and control the symptoms and complications by restoring impaired kidney structure.

Stem cells are a group of immature cells with differentiation function. In right condition, they can divide into various kinds of body tissues and cells. In treating Kidney Failure, stem cells can differentiate into renal functional cells to replace the impaired cells. If the kidney structure can be restored, the kidneys will function better. If so, hemodialysis will not be needed for your mother.

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