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Protein in Urine, GFR 28 And Creatinine 374

2014-01-01 11:04


I am a renal patient with leakage of protein in urine and increasing creatinine.Now my creatinine level is 374 and GFR 28. I feel very worried.Can it be improved and how can it be done?


Please do not feel worried.We will help you analyze your condition and then give you some personalized suggestions.Any question? You can consult with our live doctor directly.

Firstly,you should have a general understanding of your present condition.GFR is a very sensitive index in measuring how well your kidneys are functioning.It measures how much blood is filtered by glomeruli each minute.The normal result of GFR is between 90-125ml/min.Based on GFR,chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be divided into 5 stages.A person with GFR 28 is in stage 4 CKD.

Creatinine is the byproduct of muscle metabolism and is normally filtered out of body by kidneys.The normal creatinine level is 44-97 for women and 53-106 for men.Creatinine 374 is much higher than the normal creatinine level.It implies very high levels of waste products and severe kidney damage.Also,as the kidneys are damaged, proteins will leak through renal filters and end up in urine.

The above is a brief analysis of your illness condition.From the above analysis,you can see that the underlying cause of your high creatinine,lower GFR and protein in urine is impairment of kidney structure.To improve your condition,you should have a treatment to repair your impaired kidney structure and enhance your renal function.

Apart from the general medications to control symptoms, treatments including Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy are also suggested to you.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can purify blood by removing all kinds of waste products and toxins from body,thus creating a favorable internal environment for repairing impaired kidney.

Stem cell therapy can improve renal function by replacing the necrotic cells with new cells.Stem cells are immature cells which can divide into all kinds of new cells and tissues in certain condition.

If the above treatments can perform well, your kidneys will be able to function better.If so,your creatinine level will be lowered and GFR will be increased fundamentally.

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