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Life Span of a Person with CKD Stage 5 And Renal Function 10%

2013-12-24 11:48


My father is diagnosed with CKD stage 5 with 10% renal function. His condition is not very good now and we worry him a lot. Can you tell me what is his possible life span? Is there any treatment to help keep his kidneys work as long as possible?


Frankly speaking,there is no a quick response to the question. This is because how long to live is determined by many factors like age,complications, pathological type etc.If you want to know what factors can affect his life span in detail,you can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com .Our expert will give you a feedback as early as possible.

For a person with CKD stage 5 and renal function 10%,Dialysis is the most commonly used treatment.It can help sustain a person’s life.However,the average life span of dialysis patients is only between 5-6 years.As for Kidney Transplant,it is difficult to get a matched kidney donor.On the other hand, the average survival of the transplanted kidney is only 10 years. What’s worse,some unpredictable factors like acute rejection, infection etc may cause the acute failure of the new kidney.

To prolong your father’s life span,the fundamental treatment goal is to enhance his renal function.If his native kidneys can function more efficiently,his life span will certainly be prolonged remarkably.

Blood Purification and Hot Compress Therapy are recommended to your father.Blood purification can purify the blood by eliminating all kinds of waste products from blood.Hence,it can create a favorable internal environment for restoring the impaired kidney tissues and cells.Hot compress therapy can improve renal function by stimulating the self-repairing of the impaired kidney structure.If the native kidneys can be restored, your father’s life span will be prolonged remarkably.

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