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Diabetes, Kidney Cyst, Back Pain, HBP, Frequent Urination at Night

2012-09-29 16:41


Hi, I am 64 years old man and had don MRI last found. I was told there is a mall cyst about 1cm at upper pole of right kidney and two small cysts each measuring about 8mm see at lower pole of left kidney. Both kidneys are otherwise normal.

Recently I am having serious pain in the location of my kidney and only on left side these two months. I also had frequent urination at night. I have high blood pressure and Doctor said I am a little bit diabetic and gave me Metformin. I want to know should I be alert about my kidney?


Hi, sir. According to your description, I recommend you to have a routine blood test, urine test and kidney function test, which can help to know whether your kidneys have been damaged by the cyst. In general, cyst with that size you mentioned causes no kidney damages; but in some cases, kidney cyst grows quickly, which can be a potential risk for kidney problem. You said you have high blood pressure, back pain and frequent urination at nigh. All these symptoms can be caused by kidney problem directly. Therefore, to know clear whether your kidneys are functioning well, it is necessary to do medical tests. If lad tests show are you unfortunately suffering from kidney problem, medical treatment must be given as soon as possible; otherwise, you will be at a high risk of developing kidney failure.

As for Diabetes, I want to know are you overweight? People with such a age like you have a high chance to suffer from Type 2 Diabetes which usually occurs as a result of obesity. Therefore, if your Diabetes is diagnosed because of your body weight, I recommend you to lose weight by exercising regularly and being on a diet. Metformin is a commonly used blood sugar-lowering medicines among type 2 diabetics and it has quick treatment effects. But if you can get your blood glucose controlled through well-planed diet and exercises, you can reduce the dose or even stop taking it. Besides, both long-term high blood sugar and high blood pressure can cause kidney problem directly, so keeping them into normal range is very helpful for protecting your kidneys.

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