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Creatinine 7,Do Not Want Dialysis,Any Alternative Treatment

2013-12-09 15:50


My creatinine is 7 and I don’t want dialysis.Is there any alternative treatment to dialysis?


Firstly,it is necessary for you to learn how creatinine increases and how dialysis works to lower creatinine.

Kidneys are composed of renal intrinsic cells.These renal intrinsic cells can work together to render kidneys perform the normal function.However,a variety of conditions and diseases can affect these cells adversely,resulting in reduced renal function.When kidneys are not functioning adequately, creatinine will build up in body,resulting in high creatinine. Creatinine 7 is much higher than the normal range of creatinine of 0.6-1.3.Creatinine 7 is related to very serious kidney damage.

Dialysis is also called artificial kidney.It uses a dialysis machine or abdominal membrane to filter blood to remove waste products from body.However,it has no significance in improving renal function.

To help the patients with creatinine 7 avoid dialysis,the treatment should have the function of restoring the impaired renal intrinsic cells.If the impaired renal cells can be reversed, the kidneys will function better to perform their roles.

Stem Cell Therapy is the recommended treatment for people with Kidney Failure.It it is a therapy in which stem cells are infused into the patients’ body.Stem cells are a group of immature cells with powerful differentiating capacity.In right condition,stem cells can differentiate into a variety of body tissues and cells.

In treating kidney failure,stem cells can differentiate into new renal intrinsic cells. Based on the homing ability, the new cells will reach kidney lesion to replace the necrotic renal intrinsic cells.When the impaired kidney structure is repaired,the kidneys will function better. Creatinine 7 will be lowered and you will not need dialysis.

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