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Kidney Problem with Creatinine 12,Alternative Treatment to Dialysis

2013-11-29 11:03


My father got kidney problem.His creatinine level has increased to 12. He has started dialysis and he is having 3 times dialysis treatments per week.But we want to know if there is an alternative treatment to dialysis.


Thanks for inquiring us.The good news is that some dialysis patients have got rid of dialysis successfully with effective treatment.However,it is all up to the patients’ specific illness condition.

Kidneys are a pair of vital excretory organs in body.Renal intrinsic cells are the basic units of kidneys. However, in Kidney Failure,the renal intrinsic cells become impaired and even necrotic.As a result,high levels of waste products build up in body, giving rise to a host of discomforts and complications.

To render dialysis patients get rid of dialysis,the patients should have a treatment to improve the function of the native kidneys.All in all,the key treatment goal is to repair the impaired renal intrinsic cells.

In the past,Kidney Transplant is the only treatment option which can help patients get rid of dialysis. Now a new treatment is introduced to people on dialysis. It can repair the impaired kidneys to enhance renal function.If so,the patients will get rid of dialysis.

Stem Cell Therapy is an innovative treatment for dialysis patients.Stem cells are a group of immature cells with powerful differentiating capacity.In right condition,they can differentiate into cells that body needs.As stem cells have homing ability,they can reach the kidney lesion.When the impaired and necrotic renal intrinsic cells are replaced with new cells, the kidney structure will be repaired and renal function will be improved remarkably. If so, dialysis will not be required.

However, not in all cases, stem cell therapy will be performed successfully.If the concentration of waste products in body is very high, the new cells can not grow and develop in such a bad environment.

If you are interested in stem cell therapy, you can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get to know whether this therapy is available to you.

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