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Nephrotic Syndrome And FSGS,Diabetes for 20 Years

2013-09-28 10:31


I have nephrotic syndrome and FSGS.I have lived with diabetes for 20 years.What is the treatment for my condition?


Firstly,you need to have a clear understanding of your overall illness condition.What is the relationship of nephrotic syndrome, FSGS and diabetes?

Diabetes is the culprit of nephrotic syndrome.The tiny blood vessels in kidneys act as filters and can filter out extra fluids and wastes from body in right condition.However,if blood sugar level keeps high over time,it will cause extra strain on blood vessels.As the tiny filters are impaired,a large amount of proteins will pass through them and end up in urine.Nephrotic Syndrome will be the result.

Nephrotic syndrome can be divided into several kinds of pathological types,in which FSGS is very common.In FSGS, most of the filters become scarred and sclerotic.If left untreated, end stage renal disease(ESRD) will come soon.

As for treating nephrotic syndrome and FSGS in diabetes,the patients should have treatment to control diabetes and restore the impaired tiny blood vessels in kidneys.In this way,the renal function will be stopped from declining and ESRD will be avoided.

The how to attain the above treatment goal?Firstly,the diabetes patients should follow the prescribed insulin and antidiabetic medications to keep the blood sugar level under control.Meanwhile,it is important to control the associated complications of diabetes and FSGS like proteinuria, high blood pressure etc.

What are the risk factors in worsening renal function and how to control them?Consult with our online doctor now!

Secondly,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is recommended to diabetes patients with nephrotic syndrome and FSGS.This therapy can stimulate the self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues to enhance renal function.In this way, the patients will avoid developing ESRD.

FSGS and nephrotic syndrome in diabetes are very serious condition to deal with and also develop very rapidly.Therefore, it is important for you to seek treatment as early as possible.

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